Connecting Markets

Buying residential and commercial properties, repairing them, and reselling them at a profit is known as real estate flipping. People have been doing this for a long time and making a good living, indeed. For many individuals, this strategy is considered short-term investment, since the idea is to sell the property as quickly as possible, thus reaping the rewards of fast turns on the money. Depending on how lucrative the market in terms of reduced pricing, and how aggressive and alert, the purchaser, real estate can be a profitable business. For that reason, investors in real estate should be well aware if it’s the right time to invest in real estate. In fact, expensive courses and infomercials abound due to this system. But, it is possible to take this business model to another level. Often, investors are searching for that perfect return-on-investment, but do not necessarily want to do the work themselves. They are part of a larger real estate network where real estate investment brokers are found at the hub of the PBRG’ real estate industry network.

Typically, clients who work with real estate investment brokers are looking for specific types of deals. They have the necessary financial wherewithal to expect certain criteria in an investment, such as a minimum return amount. In addition, they might focus on niche markets. For example, large pools of investment might be used to create new neighborhoods of single-dwelling family homes. Contrarily, other investors may designate their funds for student housing in cities with universities or colleges. And, unlike the individuals who flip the houses they purchase, the investor pool may actually become the landlords of the properties through a management company.

Another feature of using the services of PBRG is the research and analysis provided. If brokers want to negotiate and put together the packages to do business, then they need to be close to the market. Further, they will provide clients with potential profit and loss statements, ROI estimates, and complete studies and plans for the projects. Frequently, brokers must create the markets for investment. Plenty of situations are available that never reach the general public. These are referred to as “off-market” listings. Brokers build up their clientele, both investors and sellers. Not only do they find capital to finance projects, they also, find suppliers of real estate that become the offerings. Realistically, an off-market project can see increased performance over listings that are public knowledge because the prices are not driven up in the same way.

PBRG are found at various ends of the scale. Some may only accept clients whose minimum investments are a million dollars. Others may look for clients in the quarter-million dollar range. Everything depends on the broker’s experience, past performance, and ability to scout out real estate. Some real estate investment companies deal in foreclosures, maybe whole neighborhoods that have been downgraded due to the growing numbers of defaulted mortgages. By rejuvenating and rebuilding the areas, bringing them back to life, it is possible for investors to realize substantial returns.

Finally, many investors may not provide capital for housing at all. They might prefer to invest in shopping malls, office buildings, sports complexes, or a host of other possibilities that all fall within the scope of projects assembled by PBRG.