PBRG considers it our principal responsibility to help companies identify the most advantageous time to act. For an owner evaluating assets on the balance sheet, for example, we may offer immediate liquidity or structure a tax-efficient transaction that maximizes value over time. For a corporation interested in expanding or relocating, we may recommend immediate action to lock up suitable real estate and beat its competitor to the punch. For a community located near a transportation center, such as a port or railroad, we may develop a tiered growth strategy to ensure the community is attracting new residents at the same rate new jobs and a tax base are being created. In a situation involving a distressed business, we may instantly deploy our managerial expertise and strategic capital to help turn the tide.

In every case, PBRG’s depth of experience informs us on the timing of our moves to maximize returns. Key in our ability to achieve success is the unique operational capability within PBRG. Not only do we we or our clients invest in and acquire assets, but in some cases PBRG also manage and operate the businesses in which they invest. As operators, our managed companies have a deep connection and vested interest in keeping safety, quality and profitability at the forefront.